About us

About us

We are a global team of medical professionals, signal processing engineers, data scientists and clinicians. The core team comprises of Dr. (Maj) Satish Jeevannavar, Co-founder & CEO; Dr. Radhakrishna Jamadagni, Co-founder & COO, and Divya Venkatraman, CTO.

We are an AI-first company focused on making screening of chronic diseases cost-effective at the primary care clinic, which is the first point of contact for any patient. We are building AiSteth, an acoustics device that can screen, detect & predict heart disorders using state-of-the-art signal processing and AI capabilities.

Problem Statement

Cardiovascular Disorders is the World’s #1 killer, causing 17+ Million death every year across the globe. There is a lack of cost-effective screening for cardiac disorders at the primary care clinics. India has only 4,000+ cardiologists, when the actual need is close to 88,000+.

Out of ~4 Billion out-patient department (OPD) visits every year, more than 70% are with general practitioners (GP) or primary care physicians, i.e., MBBS doctors. It takes a young doctor 2-7 years to become proficient in identifying abnormal heart sounds. The steep learning curve and subjectivity in interpretation of heart/lung sounds results in majority of cardiac disorders being missed.


Problem Statement

Our Mission

To reduce 25% of premature deaths by 2025 through a Ai HIGHWAY data pipeline  by SCREENING individuals, and impact population health by DETECTING diseases much before they strike using PREDICTIVE analytics.

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If you a physician, techie or investor keen to partner with us to impact 1 Billion lives write to us !

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